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COVID Care Project

2020 - 2024

During the pandemic, I investigated how mothers with young children under three years-of-age and college students were coping with the pandemic. The purpose of these projects were 1) to investigate this non-normative life event, 2) to continue to be research active in a period when much psychological research was stalled, and 3) to have projects that allowed for student research. COVID CARE (Child Attachment, Relationships, and Emotions), was a collaboration with professors at the University of Texas at Austin (Drs. Debby Jacobvitz and Nancy Hazen). Our team developed a four-wave longitudinal study administering a battery of surveys related to stress, coping, parenting, and child functioning to 284 women through the Prolific on-line platform.

TIE Lab Alums Who Assisted with this Research

Monique Villamor, Sarah Cline, Rayna Garcia

Aviles, A.*, Cline, S.*, Tian, Z.*, Betar, S. K., Jacobvitz, D. & Nicholson, J. S. (2024).

Parental parenting stress, parental mental health, and child behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Journal of Family Psychology. doi. 10.1037/fam0001181


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