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Preventing Alzheimer's with
Cognitive Training (PACT)

2021 - Current

My current research related to health promotion is focused within gerontology as the site-PI of an NIH-funded, multisite clinical trial examining the impact of computerized cognitive training programs to prevent the onset of dementia ( In particular, I am interested in participants’ motivation and attitudes that predict recruitment, adherence, and retention.

This current line of work has important implications towards translational research as if we can better understand these factors we can work towards making clinical trials more inclusive, and therefore more generalizable to the general population.

TIE Lab Alums Who Assisted with this Research

Lizbeth Vera, Angel Collie, Maria Vander Meulen, Isabel Delosreyes, and Hannah Brody

Nicholson, J. S., Hudak, E.M., Phillips, C.B., Chanti-Ketterl, M., O’Brien, J.L., Ross, L.A., Lister, J.J., Burke, J.R., Potter, G., Plassman, B., Woods, A.J., Krischer, J. & Edwards, J.D. (2022).

The Preventing Alzheimer’s with Cognitive Training (PACT) Randomized Controlled Trial, Contemporary Clinical Trials, 123, 1-8. doi. 10.1016/j.cct.2022.106978.

Edwards, J., Phillips, C. B., O’Connor, M.L., O’Brien, J.L., Hudak, E.M., & Nicholson, J. S. (2021).

Applying the Health Belief Model to quantify and investigate expectations for computerized cognitive training. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, 5, 51-61. doi. 10.1007/s41465-020-00183-3

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