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The TIE Lab

Translational Inquiry & Engagement

The TIE lab is named because of the dual-purpose nature of my research. I aspire to contribute to the translational research chain by ensuring my work in health promotion research contributes to moving research to policy and practice. My community-engaged scholarship orients me to consider contextual factors that might lead to individual differences in health outcomes and decision-making. Furthermore, I engage students in my research to help transform them into critical thinkers and future researchers. The TIE lab is tying research to practice, tying coursework to experience, tying resources to need, tying the university to community health issues.

My research is interdisciplinary and has utility beyond psychology into health promotion fields including pediatrics, public health, and prevention sciences. I view myself as a preventionist whose line of research has important policy implications. My current perspective has been refined and informed by working on a variety of content areas related to developmental contextualism and health promotion. Click below to learn more about the different content topics and how they inform my areas of inquiry and engagement. 

Click on the images below to learn more about current and historical research from the TIE lab.

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