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Selected Publications

The following publications are most relevant to my current work, represent my major research areas in health promotion, or are my most highly cited publications.

Download my Curriculum Vitae to view all publications and works.


Community-Based Transformational Learning: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Student Experiences and Challenges (2020) is available from Bloomsbury Publishing and Amazon.


Teen Pregnancy and Parenting: Rethinking the Myths and Misperceptions (2014) is available from Routledge and Amazon.  

Community-Based Transformational Learning 2020 Book Cover.jpeg
Teen Pregnancy and Parenting 2014 Book Cover.jpeg

Papers in Refereed Journals

Aviles, A.*, Cline, S.*, Tian, Z.*, Betar, S. K., Jacobvitz, D. & Nicholson, J. S. (2024). Parental parenting stress, parental mental health, and child behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Journal of Family Psychology. doi. 10.1037/fam0001181
Baker, L. N.*, Witherspoon, D. O., Nicholson, J. S., & Fuglestad, A. J. (2023). The roles of child temperament, parent stress, and parenting style in family mealtimes. Appetite, doi. 10.1016/j.appet.2023.106758
Wright, L., Marsland, C., Ross, J., Arikawa, A., Nicholson-Bell, J., & Epps, J. (2023). Investigation of the multidimensional determinants of negative nutrition coping strategies and tradeoffs in adults accessing food relief: A secondary data analysis. Nutrition and Health, doi. 10.1177/02601060231170248


Nicholson, J. S., Hudak, E.M., Phillips, C.B… & Edwards, J.D. (2022). The Preventing Alzheimer’s with Cognitive Training (PACT) Randomized Controlled Trial, Contemporary Clinical Trials, 123, 1-8. doi. 10.1016/j.cct.2022.106978.


Lopez, B.*, Nicholson, J. S., Johnson, H.,* Garcia, R.*, Powers, T., & Hughes, C. (2022). Review and meta-analysis for the Caregiver’s Feeding Styles Questionnaire administered to low-income families. Eating Behaviors, 46, 1-9. doi. 10.1016/j.eatbeh.2022.101659

Nicholson, J. S., Villamor, M.*, & Wright, L. (2021). A developmental lens on food insecurity: The role of children in the household and age groups on food insecurity impacting mental health. Aging & Mental Health, 1-10. doi. 10.1080/13607863.2021.1989376

Edwards, J., Phillips, C. B., O’Connor, M.L., O’Brien, J.L., Hudak, E.M., & Nicholson, J. S. (2021). Applying the Health Belief Model to quantify and investigate expectations for computerized cognitive training. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement, 5, 51-61. doi. 10.1007/s41465-020-00183-3

Nicholson, J. S., Barton, J.*, & Simons, A.* (2018). Ability to categorize food predicts food choices in Head Start preschoolers. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 50, 238-246. doi. 10.1016/j.jneb.2017.09.026

Nicholson, J.S. (2018). A community-based intervention for low-income families to reduce children’s blood lead levels between 3-9.9 µg/dL. Children’s Health Care, 47(4), pg. 379-396. doi. 10.1080/02739615.2017.1370673


Nicholson, J.S., & James, L*. (2017). Parental self-efficacy: The development of a measure to prevent children’s environmental contaminant exposure. Journal of Behavioral Health, 6(1), 36-42. doi. 10.5455/jbh.20160914121117

Nicholson, J. S., Deboeck, P., & Howard, W. (2017). Attrition in developmental psychology: A review of modern missing data reporting and practices. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 41(1), 143-153. doi. 10.1177/0165025415618275

Nicholson, J. S., Truelove, H., Barton, J.*, & Moulder, R.* (2016). Measuring college students’ community service attitudes validly and efficiently: Development of a short version of the Community Service Attitudes Scale. Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education, 8(4), 18-28.

Nicholson, J.S., & Cleeton, M.* (2016). Sensitivity and specificity of pediatric lead screener questions for detecting lower levels of lead exposure and environmental risk. Clinical Pediatrics, 55(2), 129-136. doi. 10.1177/0009922815584944.

Nicholson, J.S., McDermott, M.*, Huang, Q., Zhang, H., & Tyc, V.L. (2015). Full and home smoking ban adoption after a randomized controlled trial targeting secondhand smoke exposure reduction. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 17(5), 6-12. doi. 10.1093/ntr/ntu201

Clawson, A. M.*, Nicholson, J. S., McDermott, M.*, Klosky, J. L., & Tyc, V. L. (2015). Tobacco use and exposure among youth undergoing cancer treatment. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 29(1), 80-87 doi. 10.1016/j.pedhc.2014.07.004

McDermott, M.*, Nicholson, J. S., & Tyc, V.L. (2013). Accuracy and concordance in reporting secondhand smoke exposure among adolescents undergoing treatment for cancer and their parents. Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology, 2(3), 125-129. doi. 10.1089/jayao.2012.0026.

Tyc, V. L., Huang, Q., Nicholson, J. S., Hovell, M. F., Lensing, S., …Schultz, B. (2013). Intervention to reduce secondhand smoke among children with cancer: A controlled trial. Psycho-Oncology, 22(5), 1104-1111. doi. 10.1002/pon.3117

Nicholson, J. S., Tyc, V. L, & Lensing, S. (2012). Parental psychosocial predictors of secondhand smoke exposure for children with cancer. Journal of Child Health Care, 16(3), 211-223. doi. 10.1177/1367493511426422

Nicholson, J. S., Deboeck, P., Farris, J. R., Boker, S. M., & Borkowski, J. G. (2011). Maternal depressive symptomatology and child behavior: Transactional relationship with simultaneous bidirectional coupling. Developmental Psychology, 47(5), 1312-1323. doi. 10.1037/a0023912

Nicholson, J. S., Howard, K. S., & Borkowski, J. G. (2008). Paternal childhood experiences, role models, and metaparenting knowledge. Fathering, 6, 29 – 61.

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